3 Tips for Your Maternity Session

There’s nothing quite like a whirlwind love story that comes to a close with two newlyweds riding off into the sunset. 

In fact, the only thing we love more than documenting the effervescent moments of a wedding day is when that happy couple comes back around with big news. 

That’s right — maternity sessions have totally stolen our hearts. 

Don’t get us wrong! Our team of desert-dwelling storytellers absolutely adore being there for when your new family begins at “I do.” It’s just that, well, that magical occasion already gets a lot of appreciation and fanfare.

We want to share a little love — and some game-changing advice — for the next chapter, when your family begins to grow. It’s not an easy or simple thing, bringing new life into existence! These mamas should get all the celebration in the world. 

So, grab your coffee, get cozy, and keep scrolling! Below you’ll see our top 3 tips for feeling confident and authentic during the maternity session photo shoot you absolutely, positively deserve. 

1. Location, location, location.

Before you lock in to an adventurous location or long walk to the perfect spot, remember that these photo shoots require a little more forethought than your average session.

Depending on how you’re feeling, what symptoms you're experiencing, and how far along you are in the pregnancy — you may or may not be up for embracing the elements. And that’s totally okay! 

What matters most is that you feel relaxed and happy during this celebration of you and your precious bebe. So pick the location that makes you feel at ease, and don’t forget to pack snacks and water, even if it’s not a rigorous journey. 

2. Being comfortable is everything. 

This advice applies to all photo shoots, but is absolutely vital for maternity sessions in particular: choose an outfit you feel confident and comfortable in! 

For Chris and Kayla’s maternity session, our team stayed an extra day in Oklahoma to wait out some horrible weather and because Kayla’s gorgeous dress hadn’t arrived yet. The result? The stunning, sunshine-y photos you see below and above. 

Go for the outfits and accessories that you love and that love you right back — for your maternity session, we don’t recommend settling for anything less! Another pro-tip to remember: rescheduling is always an option, especially if it means you feel more comfortable in front of the lens. 

3. Reconnect to romance. 

When it comes to weddings, proposals, and engagements romance is already in the air. It can feel as easy as breathing to smooch, swoon, and sway with your partner, but maternity shoots seem to have a different focus. 

It makes sense! During pregnancy, life is all about the baby, from prepping your home to adjusting to your changing body. 

Maternity sessions are, actually, one of the best ways to reinvigorate your relationship with your spouse if you’ve been feeling a little distant. This photo shoot celebrates and commemorates some of the last moments of your lives as a family of two — lean into it! 

Let this maternity session be a moment of reconnection and rejuvenation between you and your lover that will live on through photos, even after the baby arrives. 

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