Posing: 3 Tips for Your Engagement Session

And just like that, winter is here! 

Veils of gentle frost and twinkling lights have been stirring our spirits, but the holiday months still have so much in store. As we snuggle up to the end of the year, we get a little closer to what we in the industry of love call engagement season

Is there anything more romantic than a mistletoe proposal or midnight whirlwind on New Years? We think not.

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We know what you’re thinking, and yes, that means there might just be a life-changing question in your near future! So the best time to prep for your engagement photography session is right here, right now. 

After chronicling love stories for a long while now, our team has learned a lot about getting comfortable around a lens, and we’ve compiled it for you below. Arrive at your shoot feeling confident, dizzy with love, and expecting fun — keep scrolling for our top-tier advice for posing at your engagement session

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1. Come as you are.

While getting out of your comfort zone is generally considered a good thing, your engagement session isn’t the best place to try on a whole new vibe. Even the best lighting, angles, and backgrounds can’t hide the awkwardness of an unnatural pose!

Instead, we coach couples to lean into what makes them feel comfortable and at-ease in their daily lives. 

We recommend working with an experienced engagement photographer who encourages you to do whatever you would at home, like genuine hugs, hand-holding, and authentic kisses.

2. Trust the process. 

If figuring out what feels natural to you sounds like a hundred hurdles in a row, you’re not alone! Bringing a camera into an existential or intimate moment isn’t easy for every couple.

That’s why working with a friendship-first team can make all the difference in your engagement session. If you trust your photographer wholly, then even the posing prompts that feel silly at first can yield incredible moments. 

The ultimate goal is to capture a candid moment that represents your unique love story, so your main job is showing up fully and staying relaxed. Beyond that, your photographer will pick up on what’s working for you and what’s not. 

3. Ask for what you want. 

On the other hand, there’s no need to be shy! 

Engagement photos can be the perfect way to announce your exciting news and get romantic keepsakes that last a lifetime, but only if you love them. 

So, as the expert on your own face, feel free to let your photographer know if there’s a side you prefer to be photographed on. Speak up if you feel a little self conscious about your height difference, smile, or hand placement so your photographer can keep an eye on those details while you just have fun. 

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