Ali & Danny

Documenting love stories in the southwest that make our desert-loving hearts swell with joy is what fuels our creative fire. 

So it should come as no surprise that, as Ali and Danny’s celebration came to a close, we left Hacienda Dona Andrea positively charged with inspiration and gratitude. It’s a magical thing we do here at Miller Media!

The venue’s traditional New Mexican visage paired elegantly with the pops of turquoise and clay elements in their decor — mix in the tiniest bit of romantically gloomy skies, and you have the perfect wedding for our signature moody style

Not to mention the donuts, dog appearances, and dazzling conversation, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves! Keep scrolling to join us as we gush over the southwestern chic soiree that was Ali and Danny’s wedding day. 

Ali and Danny first met on the tropical islands of Hawaii. Both working towards degrees at the University of Hawaii, the couple crossed paths after volunteering to help the incoming freshmen class move into their dorms. 

Fate brought them together again with a shared class, and by autumn of 2010, they were officially together. (It was tailgating a UH football game together that coaxed their new relationship into being, if you’re a sucker for details like we are!) 

Fast forward a decade and you’ll meet the newest member of their gorgeous family — Honey. Miss Honeybee could be heard roaming from room to room throughout their wedding day, bringing little bursts of delight into each space. 

As their love story progressed from that first tailgate date, Ali and Danny developed a beautifully fierce foundation of dedication to one another. 

Danny supported Ali from afar when she left to study in Paris, France for six months, and she did the same for her groom when Danny was whisked off on a research cruise to Antartica for three months. 

The loyal, unworried bond between the two lovebirds made documenting their wedding day positively dreamy — even when the aforementioned clouds rolled through, the couple didn’t let it dampen their spirits even a bit. 

Their adventurous hearts brought them to New Mexico in 2021, and Danny proposed to Ali during a hike in Galisteo Basin

Our team of lovers-behind-lenses was eternally grateful that Ali and Danny decided to have their wedding here in the southwest as well. If we’re being totally honest though, we’d have traveled to the ends of the earth to photograph their wedding day — it was that lovely. 

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