Chaylene & Keaton

Every once in a while, a particular love story tugs at our hearts. 

Don’t get us wrong, we love each and every fairy tale we get to document in the Southwest and beyond. But something about the perfect little details, touches of personalization, and Hallmark-movie type of romance of Chaylene & Keaton’s wedding day has really stuck with us. 

Is it the fact the couple met when they were just 11 and 13 — and on Xbox Live no less? Or is it that Keaton popped the question on NYE of 2019, ringing in the year with the love of his life? 

It’s all of it, really! We adored every moment of their celebration of love, and can’t wait to relive it again, right here. 

There is so much to say about Miller Media! I don't even know where to begin. I started planning my wedding back in April of 2022, and after hours of scrolling Instagram looking for a photographer with a style I like, I found her, the amazing Cheyenne Miller! I was totally mesmerized by the quality, style and straight up elegance she delivers! After our consultation via zoom, I looked at my mother and said, "That's my photographer!"

She happily agreed and complimented Cheyenne's professionalism. 

Chaylene & Keaton Klockow

About 10 years after Chaylene & Keaton met as middle schoolers, Chaylene’s soon-to-be groom drove out to Las Cruces to meet his digital darling in person. 

Luckily, the lovebirds didn’t have to wait another decade before starting their lives together — two months later, Keaton took Chaylene to Disneyland for their first date. They returned again some years later and that’s when, just after the midnight-countdown, Keaton proposed

Chaylene had already caught him sneaking peeks at the little pocket in his jeans — he had been checking on the ring after every single ride — but that only adds to the adorableness, if you ask us.

When I had arrived at my wedding, Cheyenne came back and greeted me and I will just say, it was like being reunited with family I hadn't seen in years! Cheyenne and Jesse are so amazing and it reflects in their work! My wedding day and reception was captured so beautifully! 

Chaylene & Keaton Klockow

Their fun loving spirits carried into every facet of their wedding day, from the grape soda pin on the groom’s suit to the joyful merrymaking of their reception. 

The former of which is an homage to Chaylene & Keaton’s favorite movie, UP! The movie’s theme song also serenaded guests as Chaylene floated down the aisle to say her vows.

Thanks to Miller Media, I have photos that will be cherished for generations! I've said it countless times but I will say it again, Thank you Cheyenne and Jesse for being a part of and adding to the magic of the best day of our life!

Chaylene & Keaton Klockow

Thank you, Chaylene & Keaton, for the honor of photographing your wedding day — we now have memories that we’ll cherish for a lifetime, too! 

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