Cindy & Antonio

When we met Cindy and Antonio, our first thought was that someone on our team of love-obsessed storytellers must have wished upon a lucky star. 

This adorably nerdy, wildly in love couple announced their engagement with a Miller Media photoshoot after winning a free session from a giveaway hosted by our friends at Wedding Collective New Mexico

So maybe not cosmic intervention, but still pretty serendipitous! From their engagement session in Nob Hill, full of personality and adoration, to their wedding day, the feelings of good fortune and favor continued. 

Keep scrolling to swoon as we relive their love story, and journey from comics, a la Nob Hill's beloved Astro-Zombies, to comets.

The love story of these starlets taught us that it’s a big world out there, and an even bigger galaxy, so finding your other half amid the Milky Way is no small feat — it's a magical ordeal.

Watching Antonio gaze at Cindy as though she hung the moon, that simple fact became exceedingly clear.

The ceremony culminated in happy tears as they read their handwritten vows to one another under the luminous sky of the planetarium in the New Mexico Museum of Natural History. Which certainly cast enchanting glow upon the entire soiree, but was only a facet of the fantastical day.

What made Cindy and Antonio’s wedding day truly out of this world, delightful and immersive wedding venue aside, was the endless, expansive nature of their compassion for and dedication to one another. 

Their celestial theme and its grand, boundless overtones fit their personalities and love story flawlessly. “To the moon and back,” the words spoken during their ceremony and adorning the starry decor of their reception, sums it up quite perfectly, if you ask us. 

Thank you, Cindy and Antonio, for allowing our team to capture your new beginning — we can only imagine the otherworldly things that are, undoubtedly, in store for your future together. 

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Hair & Makup | @kerbiheleneartistry

Gown | @annmatthewsbridal

Suits | @suitsunlimitednm

Cake + Cupcakes | @cakeingenuity

Ceremony Venue | New Mexico Museum of Natural History

Reception Venue | Albuquerque Garden Center 

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