Kyla & Sean | Engagement Session

In our last blog, we strolled down memory lane, revisiting some of our favorite, love-filled moments. Under the guise of providing our photo-shy friends with top tier advice for posing during your engagement session, we reminisced on the post-proposal moments of wedding seasons past. 

Seeing Kyla and Sean’s smiling faces once again brought back a rush of anticipation for their upcoming wedding, and appreciation for their warm, good-natured presence as a couple. 

Beneath the snowy branches of a New Mexican forest, Kyla and Sean let our team of digital storytellers in on their unique journey as lovebirds. Read on, fellow romantics, for all the sweet scintillations of their engagement photography session!

While the candid kisses and laughter captured during their engagement session announced their new chapter to the wider world, Kyla and Sean’s inner circles were already in the know. 

After 2 years of dating, building a foundation of friendship, and falling in love, Sean proposed to Kyla at an NM United tailgate in front of all their friends and family. It was, after all, at one of the previous tailgates that Kyla first realized Sean might be the one! 

Attending almost every NM United game together, it was when Kyla saw her soon-to-be groom having crazy amounts of fun with her friends and loved ones that she knew their relationship was something special

Now, just a few weeks before their wedding day, Kyla is pretty darn grateful that Sean slid into her DMs all those years ago, and we are too! Photographing their engagement session in the winter woodland was more fun than it had any right to be. 

The couple was so delightful, we didn’t know that Kyla was actually sick during the engagement session! No need to fret, though — all it meant was that their celebratory champagne was purely decorative. 

The couple let us in on a secret, mid-session, that they were blessed with the new presence of a beautiful baby boy, who will now be the star attendee of their wedding in February. 

Keep your eyes peeled for their wedding photos in the coming months! Thank you, Kyla and Sean, for the honor of documenting your love story

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