Jem & Silas

Have you ever met someone who was like a breath of fresh air? 

We have! We had the honor of meeting two someones like that, actually, and their names are Jem and Silas. When this kind, adventurous couple sat down to tell our team about their dream wedding day in the mountains of New Mexico, we knew right away that it was going to be one we’d never forget.

What made their wedding day so special was not that every little detail went according exactly to plan, but rather, the effortless grace with which Jem and Silas handled each moment. 

Like when a gentle rain came through the mountains and didn’t bother them even a bit — Jem simply pulled out the yellow umbrella she had brought as an ode to her favorite show, How I Met Your Mother, and Silas met her under a covered gazebo to share private vows with the soft pitter-patter of raindrops as background music. 

It was pretty clear that, while their celebration of love was indeed aesthetically gorgeous, effortlessly wild, and undeniably fun, what mattered most of all was just that they were there, together, holding hands. Theirs was the kind of down-to-earth, weather-any-storm love that is genuinely inspiring to be around!

And when the clouds parted moments before their ceremony, it was hard not to believe that this entire day — rain and all — was made perfectly and expressly for the two of them.

We learned so much about balance, celebration, and honoring each moment from Jem and Silas. 

Thank you to the very happy newlyweds for allowing our team, among other local creatives, to be a part of a day that was, if we do say so ourselves, as right as rain!

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